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Advanced LiDAR Sensors by Opsys-Tech (ALTOS)  can improve every aspect of industry - from safety for the workforce as well as efficiency to reduce costs. For an effective global supply chain, for example starting with agriculture, processes need to be automated. Opsys LiDAR has no moving parts, so it is extremely robust and ensures all industrial processes are 100% reliable in the long term.

Robotics are in every aspect of our daily lives. Robots take on tasks that are too mundane or dangerous for humans. LiDAR technology is integral to this automation. Opsys’ advanced sensors are critical to ensuring machinery operates effectively, mapping the area around the robot so it knows how to interact with its physical environment. Opsys LiDAR ensures sensors operate safely and efficiently for the smooth running of the robotic world.

When we think of how Opsys LiDAR contributes to autonomous driving we should also consider the wider environment of the road and city itself. Opsys LiDAR can also be used, for example, in traffic lights for object detection to keep vulnerable road users safe, so it is an integral part of a Smart City. Opsys’ groundbreaking LiDAR solution can also be used in all types of intelligent traffic systems, as ALTOS can be adapted for numerous different scenarios.

Industrial Solutions

Why Opsys LiDAR is the best solution

  • Opsys' flexible modular LiDAR approach enables the sensor to be integrated in any position providing additional benefits

  • Opsys’ patented technology allows point by point scanning which increases ‘signal to noise ratio’ and ‘single point probability of detection’

  •  No moving parts allows 24/7 operation

Use Cases



Intelligent Traffic Systems


Opsys Industrial LiDAR (ALTOS)

High performance at low cost

  • Opsys’ pure solid state scanning LiDAR enables best-in-class performance with scalable and automated production

  • Opsys' LiDAR operates in a wide temperature range (-40°C to +65°C) . It is extremely reliable, delivers a high-res point cloud, at an affordable price for mass production

  • The fourth dimension is intensity and ambient data, via an infra red camera

  • Opsys tech supports the use of LiDAR in harsh environment conditions

  • ALTOS is compact in size: 109W x 67H x 100D (mm)

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