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Opsys develops a very unique advanced Pure Solid State Scanning LiDAR with NO moving parts for the automotive industry. We have recently signed few agreements with major automotive global players to supply our LiDAR to major OEMs in Asia and Europe. We are looking for talented people who wants to be part of the next big success story.

The Role

  • Manage transfer of production lines within automotive organization.

  • Define and execute comprehensive production launch plans for new products, outlining key milestones, tasks, and timelines.

  • Ensure project production launch performance is achieving program objectives (quality, cost, profitability, delivery, timing, logistics) for manufacturing site.

  • Coordinate activities and collaborate with engineering, manufacturing, R&D and other teams involved in the product launch process. 

  • Identify potential risks and challenges in the production launch process and develop mitigation strategies to address them.

  • Collaborate with supply chain and logistics teams to optimize inventory and ensure timely delivery of materials and components.

  • Organize launch events and activities as “Run at Rate” or “PV samples production”.

  • Track and analyze key performance metrics during and after the launch, evaluating the success of the product introduction.

  • Play the interface role between the Project development team located in Israel and the Manufacturing Site.

  • Solve all project issues requiring any type of support.

  • Prepare decision making process for relevant project committee and challenge.

  • Manage all launch project changes (internal and customer).


  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical area (Industrial engineering, automotive, automatization, mechanical engineering, Electrical Engineering)

  • Experience with production of electrical or microelectronic products - highly beneficial

  • Availability for longer stay in production location if required by the project phase

  • Experience with manufacturing process and production plant organization

  • Experience from automotive industry (V-Cycle, production environment) – highly beneficial

  • At least 5 years of experience in projects as project leader/coordinator/manager

  • Ability to manage a functional organization

  • Excellent English for daily communication

  • Driving license and availability for frequent travel to production location

  • Ability to adapt to a fast-paced changing environment

  • A team player, assertive and open-minded with a decision-making personality.

New Product Launch Manager

Job # 89 | Israel, US or Czech Republic | Holon, San Jose or Prague | Full-time


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