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The World’s Most Advanced

Pure Solid-State Scanning

LiDAR Technology

The World’s Most Advanced

Pure Solid-State Scanning

LiDAR Technology

Scanning LiDAR
with no moving parts

Opsys proprietary technology uses fully addressable VCSEL arrays,
combined with a single chip addressable CMOS SPAD array. Opsys' semiconductor-based solution allows for major cost saving as the non-moving part technology supports automotive standards.


Wafer scale process

Cost-Saving & Competitive

A modular system

Eye Safety

Class 1

Flexible Solution

Build any FOV & resolution


Designed for mass production

Extreme Reliability

Automotive-grade accuracy


0.1 ° down to 0.4° if required

Ultra-Fast Scanning

30 FPS post 16/32 averaged

Features & Benefits

Opsys’ multi-wavelength technology enables multiple sensor installation with no interference, while maximizing scan rate and eliminating any dead zones in the full field of view (FOV). The integration of the base sensors is performed by a LiDAR Control Unit (LCU) that provides a single 4D point cloud. The fourth dimension being intensity and ambient data, via an infra-red camera.

This Lego brick approach supports various use cases for different types of applications in addition to the automotive industry. Opsys’ technological capability brings added value to sectors such as Smart Cities, Intelligent Traffic Systems, Security, Robotics and Agriculture. Opsys sensors can improve every aspect of industry - from safety for the workforce as well as efficiency to reduce costs.

​Opsys base sensor

Flexibility-Driven Technology

Opsys' unique approach enables the merging of multiple base sensors into an integrated LiDAR system, providing a single point cloud output. This customizable, yet affordable, solution caters to a myriad of use cases across a diverse range of industries.

Opsys Base Sensor

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