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sp3c linear

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Senior Software Engineer

Job # 589401 | Israel | Holon | Full time

Opsys is looking for a senior software engineer

Senior LiDAR FAE

Job # 589402 | China | Shanghai | Full time

Looking for senior LiDAR FAE in Shanghai, China

System Engineer

Job # 589403 | Israel | Holon | Full time

We’re looking for a System Engineer to join our team and to Leading multidisciplinary activities of optics/embedded systems.

Senior FPGA Designer

Job # 589405 | Israel | Holon | Full time

Looking for a Senior FPGA designer

System V&V Engineer

Job # 589406 | Israel | Holon | Full time

Looking for a System V&V Engineer

System Architect

Job # 589407 | Israel | Holon | Full time

looking for a System Architect


coming soon

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