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Automotive Solutions

The OPSENS series: flexible & reliable for the varied needs of the automotive industry

LiDAR greatly increases safety in autonomous driving and is essential to add to Level 2+ scenarios. The OPSENS range of products are by far the best solution for a LiDAR strategy in the automotive industry. Opsys pure solid-state scanning LiDAR enables best-in-class performance with scalable and automated production. It provides a long detection range of 300m, high resolution and extreme reliability, at an affordable cost for mass production vehicles. Multi-measurements per point increase the ‘signal to noise ratio’ and ‘single point probability of detection’ to higher levels compared with any other LiDAR technology.

OPSENS is fast scanning with no crosstalk. It achieves a 200m detection range for a 10% reflectivity target with a probability of detection (POD) >90%. Opsys LiDAR has a unified high resolution and the most outstanding point cloud density in the market. Best-in-class performance is achieved across the full field of view (FOV) at a maximum scan rate. Even better, only a simple lens change is required to optimize performance for specific requirements.

Opsys’ unique technology enables the merging of multiple base sensors to a single LiDAR system. The integration of all the base sensors is performed by a LiDAR Control Unit (LCU) that provides a single 4D point cloud. The fourth and fifth dimensions are intensity and ambient data which are supplied in the data output.

L4 and L5

  • Urban low to mid speed driving

  • 360˚ full surround view detection

  • Safety for pedestrians and cross passing vehicles

  • Selectable resolution, 0.1˚ for front, 0.2˚ for side and 0.4˚ for the short-range area

  • Frame rate up to 30Hz for alleyway taxiing

LiDAR coverage for full autonomous driving


A LiDAR system to support full autonomous driving for trucks

  • High performance for the ultimate in safety (225˚ x 13˚)

  • Reliable obstacle detection for long distance braking

  • 300m detection (200m @10% reflectivity)

  • FOV 45˚(H) x 13˚(V) with 0.1˚ resolution for front

  • FOV 180˚(H) x 13˚(V) with 0.2˚ resolution for sides

  • Spot size @100m: 19cm x 19cm (0.1˚ resolution)

  • Frame rate up to 30Hz

Front-Sensing for L2+

Sensor package to cover AEB Euro NCAP 2018/2020, ACC, Traffic Jam Pilot, Highway Pilot, Cross Traffic Collision Avoidance

  • High speed autonomous driving

  • Flexible FOV from 45˚ to 180˚

  • Long range up to 300m with 0.1˚ resolution

  • Reliable detection up to 200m @10% reflectivity

  • Spot size @100m: 19cm x 19cm (0.1˚ resolution)

  • Faster frame rate up to 30Hz

  • Zero noise

OPSENS 110 / 140

Used for wide FOV coverage


Compact unit for auxiliary uses


Opsys’ technology is designed as a Lego brick system to enable complete customization at an affordable price. The OPSENS 110/140 provide a fully integrated solution to unlock autonomous driving for highways as well as for cities. The OPSENS Sat is a flexible and compact solution for easy integration around the vehicle, such as behind the windshield, inside the lighting system, rooftop or anywhere else required. 

Integration Options

The system supports any requested field of view (FOV) using multiple angular resolutions for each direction as required by specific applications or use cases. For example, Opsys’ high resolution lens is used for long distance with a narrow FOV, so is good for front-sensing use cases, such as L2+ in autonomous driving. Conversely, Opsys’ low resolution lens is for short range scenarios that require a wide FOV – perfect for the sides of a vehicle. In addition, there is a medium resolution lens that can be added to the mix. Using different combinations of all these lenses together, at various points around a vehicle, full autonomy can be achieved.

Features & Benefits

  • Pure solid-state scanning LiDAR: no moving parts offering 4x lifetime expectancy over competing technologies 

  • Cost saving: semiconductor-based 

  • Automotive-grade qualification & accuracy 

  • Fast-scanning with no crosstalk, providing long detection range >200m with 10% reflectivity and PoD >90% 

  • Flexible solution: only optics reconfiguration required for different applications

  • Scalable: easy to integrate, no recalibration necessary 

  • A fourth and fifth dimension provided: intensity and ambient data

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