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Opsys solution brings significant value to their OEM and Tier-1 customers and partners by providing high-performance alongside flexible system installation and FOV. The system supports any requested FOV using multiple angular resolutions for each direction as required by specific applications or use cases.

This unique attribute is enabled by our innovative system structure that can be built from multiple base sensors, constructed as an aggregated package, or spread around the vehicle and connected into one LCU.

Our partners can choose to receive raw data from each base sensor, a single point-cloud or from the LCU via 1GbE ethernet connection.



Wafer scale process

Cost-Saving & Competitive

A modular system

Eye Safety

Class 1

Flexible Solution

Build any FOV & resolution


Designed for mass production

Extreme Reliability

Automotive-grade accuracy


0.4° up to 0.1° & higher if required

Ultra Fast Scanning

30 FPS post 16/32 averaged

Features & Benefits

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