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6th DVN Automotive LiDAR Conference & Expo - Wiesbaden, Germany

Updated: Feb 11

The 6th DVN Lidar Conference took place on November 29-30, 2023 in the Frankfurt Area. Since their inception, DVN Lidar Conferences have become the go-to technical event to learn about the latest innovations amidst the quick growth of the automotive LiDAR sector.

The conference was held at the Dorint Pallas Hotel in Wiesbaden (near Frankfurt). The event brings together more than 200 worldwide participants, managers, and experts, involved in LiDAR from OEMs and LiDAR suppliers.

Alex Leuta, Business Development Manager at OPSYS gave a talk on “Embedding LiDAR with Opsys’ technology”. For more info on this please contact 

For our activity in general in EU please contact our EU Business Development Manager.


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