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Elektronik Magazine features Opsys as a '2024 Product of the Year'

The article can be loosely translated as follows:

Opsys “Solid State LiDAR” can be installed behind windshields, in the headlights and taillights. It is smaller than the size of a flat credit card - and all without performance loss. The start-up succeeded the performance of the solid-state LiDAR to increase so that it is in the near as well as being used in a long distance range of up to 300m. At the same time, it is more robust in operation and significantly cheaper to produce because it comes without mechanical moving parts.

The semiconductor-based system VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) and SPAD chips (Single Photon

Avalanche Diode) scans with 1,000 images per second and can reach up to 300m so “see” far. That's more data than a person can process. The LiDAR calculates an average of 30 images per second from the data, which means errors due to sunlight, reflection and glare can be eliminated. That's why the Opsys LiDAR cuts it better in poor visibility conditions than other LIDARs - and because it operates in the 0nm window, which has negligible water absorption, it becomes insensitive to rain, fog, and snow.


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