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DVN Deep Dive #3 on LiDAR Tech - San Fransisco, USA

Updated: Feb 7

For info on this year's DVN events click here.

DVN Lidar is a community of LiDAR companies and experts linked to the ADAS/AD industry. A key process of the community is intense communication with each other. As one element to accomplish this aim, a monthly newsletter and regular  white papers are published. But an even more important element is personal communication ( in person or online ). Therefore DVN Lidar is facilitating regular Think Tanks, Workshops and last but not least the yearly DVN lidar conference. All these activities cover a global scale.

Members of the community reach out along the whole value chain. Members comprise OEMs,  sensor system integrators, LiDAR sensor suppliers as well as numerous suppliers of components and software. Another important field covered by the members is testing, standardization and regulation.

With the increasing trend to L3 driving automation and the final goal of reaching L4/L5 autonomous vehicles broad market introduction around 2030, the role of lidar systems in the sensor suite for autonomous driving is ever increasing.  Recent regulation changes are propelling this trend.

Through the diversity of its  members and an open exchange of information and opinion, the community will be able to strongly support lidar as key tool for autonomous vehicles.

The DVN lidar community is dedicated to create a link between society, market, technology and industrial execution. It is a firm belief by the community ( underpinned by studies )  that lidar sensors can significantly contribute to traffic safety as well as relax the stress on drivers in their vehicle maneuvering task.


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