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Opsys unique technology enables merging  of multiple base sensors to  a single LiDAR system, providing an integrated single point cloud with a flexible field of view (FoV). This capability allows the support of various use cases for different types of vehicles and applications. 

Opsys patented multi wavelength technology enables multiple sensors installation with no interference while maximizing scan rate and eliminating any dead zones in the full FOV.

The integration of all base sensors  is done by our LiDAR Control Unit (LCU) that provides a single 4D point-cloud.


Sensor package to cover AEB EuroNCAP 2018/2020,
ACC, Traffic Jam Pilot, Highway Pilot, Cross Traffic Collision Avoidance

High speed autonomous driving
Flexible FOV from 45˚ to 180˚
Long range up to 300m with 0.1˚ resolution
Reliable detection up to 200m @10% reflectivity
Spot size @100m: 19cm x 19cm (0.1˚ Resolution)
Faster frame rate up to 30Hz
ZERO Noise

L4 and L5

Full LiDAR system coverage to allow full car automation

Urban mid-low speed safe driving
360˚ full surround view detection
Safety for pedestrian and cross passing vehicle
Selectable resolution, 0.1˚ for front, 0.2˚ for side and  0.4 ˚ for the short rang area
Frame rate up to 30Hz for alleyway taxing


LiDAR system to allow full truck automation

High reliable, High safety (225˚ x 13˚)
Reliable obstacle detection for long distance braking
300m detection (200m @10% reflectivity)
FOV 45˚(H) x 13˚(V) with 0.1˚ resolution for front
FOV 180˚(H) x 13˚(V) with 0.2˚ resolution for side
Spot size @100m: 19cm x 19cm (0.1˚ Resolution)
Frame rate up to 30Hz


LiDAR system to allow Delivery PODs automation

Smarter, wider obstacle detection
Wider field monitoring (160˚ x 40˚, 160˚ x 20˚)
Faster (up to 30Hz) and 50m detection
Minimum detection range: 0.4m
Reasonable resolution: 0.4˚
Low cost & Slim form-factor
Spot size: 14cm@20m, 3.5cm@5m
Case1: 0.4˚ resolution for 160˚x40˚(4xAA)
Case2: 0.4˚ resolution for 160˚x20˚(2xAA)

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