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Opsys to unveil its next big milestone in LiDAR development at this year's IAA Event in Munich

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

13 JULY 2023 - HOLON, ISRAEL Opsys, the global technology leader in pure solid state scanning LiDAR, has chosen this year’s IAA Mobility to announce a new milestone in the company’s groundbreaking solution, which is setting new standards in integrating LiDAR in vehicles.

Guy Gertel, SVP Sales & Marketing, Opsys said “The IAA event is a fitting platform to showcase the next iteration

of our LiDAR solution – after all, Germany is synonymous with the automotive industry. Our scanning LiDAR is pure solid-state, with no moving parts. One of the main benefits of this is that our product is so robust it significantly reduces costs to enable mass production. Our technological advantage has made us the world’s leader of the use of pure solid state scanning LiDAR in autonomous driving. We’re looking forward to being able to unveil our latest development at this year’s show. Most of all, we’re proud to know we’re at the forefront of creating safer roads for all.”

Opsys patented technology is developed in such a way to offer OEMs and Tier-1s the flexibility they need for integrating LiDAR into a vehicle. The powerful sensors can be placed behind the windshield, headlights, taillights, or other positions around a car, offering several other benefits too. Opsys LiDAR delivers all specs all the time across the full field of vision with no installation limitations.

Through these developments, and more, LiDAR is much closer to becoming a reality on public roads. The company’s announcement, planned for this year’s event, will cement Opsys’ position as a major player in democratizing autonomous driving and safety in mobility.

Opsys will be demonstrating their LiDAR solution in the Israel Pavilion, Hall A3, Booth D32. This pavilion is a must-see destination on the agenda of anyone scouting for technological breakthroughs in mobility.

Israel is often dubbed as the ‘The Startup Nation’ or ‘Silicon Wadi’. This nickname came about due to the number of tech startups and unicorns originating from this tiny country, most of which is desert. Until a few years ago, when overtaken by China, Israel had more companies on the NASDAQ than any other country outside of the US – a remarkable feat for a country with a population of only 9M. In recent years Israel has experienced a rapid growth in the automotive sector within the Hi-Tech industry, which is now a valuable part of the country’s economy. Israel spends more than any other country on R&D as a percentage of GDP. The tech contribution of Israeli startups to the automotive industry is significant.


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