Opsys unique technology enables merging  of multiple base sensors to  a single LiDAR system, providing an integrated single point cloud with a flexible field of view (FoV). This capability allows the support of various use cases for different types of vehicles and applications. 
Opsys patented multi wavelength technology enables multiple sensors installation with no interference while maximizing scan rate and eliminating any dead zones in the full FOV.
The integration of all base sensors  is done by our LiDAR Control Unit (LCU) that provides a single 4D point-cloud. 

Robotaxi (360°)

Merge multiple base sensors around the vehicle into a single point cloud with a customer specific  angular resolution and FOV.

System architecture example:

FOV (front): 45° Resolution: 0.1° X 0.1°
FOV (sides): 315° Resolution: 0.2° X 0.2°



ADAS (45° to 170°)

ADAS systems can work safely and efficiently at exceptional cost effective pricing by optimizing specific FOV and resolution per customer needs, while maximize performance. 
System architecture example

FOV (front): 45° Resolution: 0.1° X 0.1°
FOV (sides): 90° Resolution: 0.2° X 0.2°


Truck (270°)

Autonomous logistic fleets must  guarantee high-reliability sensors at extreme operating conditions., Opsys pure solid-state LiDAR solution is essential for such commercial solutions.
The multiple base sensors architecture per specific FOV and  angular resolution  is leveraged for cost-performance optimization.
System architecture example:

FOV (front): 75° Resolution: 0.1° X 0.1°
FOV (sides): 185° Resolution: 0.2° X 0.2°

Platform (90° front 90° back)

As autonomous platforms evolve, rethinking their operation and safety is fundamental. Opsys aspires to reshape the way LiDARs are embedded and enables the shift from top-head to platform solution. Our multi sensor structure enables the installation of multiple sensors at various locations of the platform and delivering a full FOV integrated point cloud.


Opsys solution brings significant value to our partners by providing high performance alongside flexible system installation and FOV. The system supports any requested FOV using multiple angular resolutions for each direction as required by specific applications/ use cases. This unique attribute is enabled by our innovative system structure that is built from multiple base sensors, constructed as an aggregated package or spread around the vehicle and connected into one LCU. Our partners can choose to receive raw data from each base sensor a single point-cloud from the LCU via 1GbE ethernet connection.