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Automotive News Features Opsys LiDAR After Ride in Demo Vehicle

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

It's a great moment when your work is recognized by the leading publication in your industry, in our case, Automotive News. Their Mobility Editor, Jerry Hirsch, flew over to report for them on this year's Ecomotion, where he took a ride in our demo vehicle. Here's an excerpt from his write up...

"This Holon, Israel, startup is developing a solid-state lidar that would fit into current automotive styling. Its small size allows it to fit seamlessly into the vehicle, avoiding the fuel or energy penalties caused by the bubbles and cubes that house larger lidar with spinning components.

Opsys Technologies completed a $51.5 million Series C funding round this year. Hyundai is one of its investors. The company said that it is making progress in shrinking the lidar so that it can be integrated into a windshield.

"It's not on the roof, it works behind glass, and it hardly produces any heat," Opsys Technologies CEO Rafi Harel said in a statement."


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