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SP3C Standalone

SP3C Standalone Opsys single TRX module based on the SP3C for short to mid-range applications and a wide FOV with unified resolution. It is based on Opsys pure solid state scanning LiDAR for short-range applications which can solve multiple use cases covering 80° horizontally by 20° vertically with 100 meters detection range.

Typical Range, 10% Reflectivity Lambertian Target


Maximum Observable Range


Minimum Range


Range Measurement Accuracy


Range Measurement Precision


Horizontal Angular Resolution


Vertical Angular Resolution


Field of View

80° x 23°

Reflectance Resolution


Number of Returns per Pixel


Frame Rate

Up to 20 Hz

Points per Second


Data Latency

<40 ms

Short range LiDAR supports a vast range of applications, such as cut in, pedestrian, Blind Spot Detection and various applications in the robotics world. Opsys unique technology can maintain the full FOV coverage without any limitations on the performance. By installing a single TRX solution Opsys can supply one point cloud from the sensor or create larger FOV by stitching a few of the LiDAR together in different positions. This size LiDAR solution is not only popular in the automotive sector, but also has high demand in the autonomous delivery and logistics robotics sector, due to its small size and high performance.

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